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"Thank you so much for such an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable session. All the feedback has been extremely and exceptionally positive because you were truly terrific and greatly appreciated by us all...Thank you once again for a fantastic presentation." CAPD


"Thank you for the workshop, it was amazing. I felt so much better physically and emotionally. I had a pain in my back that disappeared :-)" P. P.


"Dear Sargam, I think you are very good at what you do. I am stunned at your boundless creativity and felt very well held by your facilitating. So many strings to one bow! Thank you, I really enjoyed it."   A. M.


"I wanted to say a big thank you for last week - I think (without thinking too much) that it was a really big shift for me.  I certainly feel different that's for sure."  K. M.


"Sargam, thank you so much for an amazing session - your facilitation and timing is exquisite - that's really the word which came to mind and I'm not exaggerating. Moving and transforming work."  J.


"I thought the space was really safe and I felt very good about your facilitation."   K.


" I wanted to tell you that when I did the constellation therapy with you, it did touch many aspects. I have after that gone into 'normal' therapy for almost a year, but it has barely had an effect and never came close to the effect that session had."  R.D.

"..thank you for your tenderness and support and love today, you were amazing. It has really helped." A.N.


"Being a representative in one of your workshops was really profound for me. It gave me several insights into myself and helped me to shift my perception of something really important. I'd highly recommend the process and your holding of it to anyone". C.B.

"the constellation you did with me the other day has really transformed things in my situation. Thank you, you're amazing" A.


"Thank you for this workshop. I have appreciated your welcoming, and the way you lead the process. Very respectful, safe, kind, sweet and professional. The group was also great!" O.C.

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