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Creative Coaching

What is Creative Coaching?

Creative coaching is useful for making any sort of work, creative or business project happen....from ideas stage to final product. These sessions offer a down-to-earth, creative and supportive approach to helping clients release creative potential, shift blocks and bring creative endeavours and other projects to fruition. This space is also about allowing and celebrating the innate human desire to explore and expand our creative abilities, moving beyond the limitations we may have had put upon us from early childhood by others close to us, those who taught us, or simply by society.

Who is this for?

These sessions are suitable for artists, musicians, writers, actors, business people, educators - basically for people of all creative persuasions and levels, whether amateur or professional. For example, if you are someone who has been struggling for a long time to get your writing project on track, or to put an art exhibition together, or to plan a business or work project, then creative coaching sessions can offer help with visioning, planning, next steps and making your project a reality.

Why coaching with Sargam?

Sargam is a skilled, experienced creative arts therapy practitioner, helping people to make sense of their lives on all levels. She has been successfully coaching and supporting clients with their creative projects for over ten years now. On a personal level, Sargam has a breadth of experience of many creative media and projects. She is a seasoned, experienced creative explorer and performer who over the years has enjoyed exploring all sorts of musical ventures (using three instruments and her voice), dance of all kinds, writing projects (including attaining a PGDip in Creative Writing from Middlesex University), art classes, drama, comedy improvisation and playing 'the fool', house refurbishments, business projects and more. She has also taught the piano on an occasional basis. 

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