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Creating Ritual

Sargam has been creating rituals in different ways for many years, as part of holding therapeutic spaces, as well as through various spiritual and creative practises. She offers tailor-made, bespoke rituals for individuals, couples or groups. These may be aimed at the more hidden, personal aspects of our lives that may otherwise pass with little honouring or acknowledgement. Examples include creating ritual after a miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth, failed ivf cycle, rites of passage into menopause, ritual after a relationship break-up or job loss or to celebrate a new job, new home or new circumstances and much more. Or the rituals may be larger group events, honouring cycles of the season, festivals and other significant events. 


Though our society and major religions do offer some practices and rituals around major life events such as birth, marriage, coming of age and death, there are a lot of other events that are missing the sort of containment and healing that a ritual can offer. This is about helping to address the missing elements, having our voices heard and our experiences seen. Creating a ritual can help a person, couple or group to move forwards. Once an event has been properly honoured and marked, there can be a letting go or moving forwards that feels energetically easier.


Custom packages include meeting Sargam to discuss the situation and what might be required, telephone support before and after the ritual, and holding the ritual itself. Usually rituals will last no more than a couple of hours, but this depends on the individual need. It can be done in your home or another dedicated space, or in Sargam’s dedicated space.


Package cost £300 to include One face to face meeting for up to 90 minutes, up to 60 minutes telephone availability before and after the ritual, and holding the ritual itself.

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