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What is Constellations Therapy?

Constellations therapy is a powerful three-dimensional way of exploring client's issues therapeutically. It uses other group participants as 'representatives' that are placed physically in the space, to stand in for significant people in the client's life eg family members, work colleagues, partners. Representatives can also be placed for more abstract concepts such as feelings, places, religions, homes. We can also work more intra-psychically, and represent aspects of the clients self or psyche eg a traumatised part of the client, or a 'young' aspect of the client. Any issue can be explored, however concrete or abstract, big or small.

Through this process, new perspectives on a situation or problem usually come to light. The process helps  obstacles to be removed and healing resolutions to be invited in. 

Being an Issue-Holder

Every issue-holder or client, brings one issue they would like to explore to the constellations process. In the group setting, there will be an initial conversation with the facilitator, in order to help fine-tune and understand the specifics of your issue. We will then pick other members of the group as representatives for aspects of that issue. The process usually lasts between an hour and an hour and half. The session can often have powerful emotional effects on the client, so it is advisable to allow time and space for self-care and processing after working on an issue.

Being a Representative or Witness

Participants usually gain as much out of being a witness or representative as from being a client. Representatives have the opportunity to tap into a wide range of emotional and human experiences, and often find that they have been picked for a role that resonates deeply with their own story or issues. This can lead to helpful insights and deeper understanding or resolution of their own issues. There is no acting involved. The process simply requires attention and presence to what is happening in the body and emotions, as we constellate the issue or system in question.

Constellations Trainings

Sargam offers training and supervision in working with Constellations, for students and practising Therapy Professionals. Upcoming group training dates to be released shortly.

One-to-one Constellations therapy

Constellations therapy is also offered in one-to-one sessions.This process can happen in a couple of different ways. We can work with the client and therapist as representatives, marking additional representative places with pieces of paper or objects on the ground. Clients then have the opportunity to stand in different positions and see what each representative place feels like. We can also work by placing small play figures as representatives and working with the system on a smaller scale. This can offer a different sense of understanding and perspective, when the whole picture is visible on that smaller scale.

2024 Next Constellations Group dates:

to be released shortly...

Fees are £90 for issue-holders, £45 for representatives or £35 if booked for both days.

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