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Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy uses a variety of art forms including meditation/visualization/relaxation, art, movement, drama, writing, creative play and music, as tools of emotional expression and connection. Working with creativity transcends the limitations of working only with speech. It accesses parts of the brain that are often under-used or dormant. This way of working also provides connection to the wisdom, ground and container of the body. By communicating in non-verbal, creative ways, we can give voice to suppressed impulses or hidden parts of the psyche. This is a key step towards a more integrated self. 

Who is this suitable for?

Creative arts therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties in individual adults, couples, families or children. This work can also be particularly helpful for those wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves, or develop their creative potential. Problems commonly presented by clients include trauma and trauma-related issues, family and relationship issues, work-related issues, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, behavioural problems and anger issues. In addition this work is helpful for adults and children on the autistic spectrum, those with mild to severe learning disabilities, special needs and for those who are non-verbal or have difficulty speaking or expressing themselves verbally.

What happens during a session?

Each session lasts for an agreed regular time, usually an hour or 90 Minutes for adults, or 40-45 minutes for children, depending on the clients' needs. Clients will sometimes be offered some gentle creative 'warm-up' activities in order to ease them into the session. The therapy itself may involve using movement, writing, art, drama, or a constellations approach, as well as talking and listening. With children, this may extend to using small toys, stories, puppets or music. Towards the end of every session, the therapist ensures that the client has returned their focus from whatever emotional or creative journey has taken place, to attention on the here and now, ready to return to the outside world.

What are the benefits and how many treatments will I need?

Sessions can stand alone or as part of a series. This type of creative therapy is usually most beneficial as part of an ongoing series of sessions. It is often useful to begin with a fixed agreed number of sessions, then review progress. Usually longer-term benefits will arise as a result of longer-term sessions. Each individual client is assessed and reviewed separately, in order to agree the optimal time-frame for both client and therapist. Sessions usually take place weekly, at an agreed regular time and place.

Therapy in Schools

Sargam has several years' experience of working as a therapist in a variety of school settings, including primary, secondary and special needs. If you are interested in bringing Creative Arts Therapy to your child's school, or know of a school that might be interested, then please contact Sargam directly.

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