Creative Group Facilitation

Sargam has been facilitating all kinds of creative and therapeutic groups with both adults and children for nearly thirty years. She currently runs Constellations workshops throughout the year, and has taught many creative and therapeutic courses elsewhere, as well as being part of the teaching staff for counselling diploma students.

Sargam is available to facilitate all kinds of creative or therapeutic groups, in myriad settings, such as training and business, educational, gender-based, community projects and more. These groups also include movement meditation and expressive dance. She also offers Constellations groups to actors and directors as well as to other creative projects such as writing groups.

Her background experience includes working in Psychology, Social Work, Training, Volunteers Management, Schools, Adult Education, client groups on Autistic Spectrum, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Older People, Refugees, Children's projects, Women's groups and more. She offers a down-to-earth, empathic, creative approach, holding a safe space for effective communication to take place.

Please see the Appointments page for hourly and day fees.

Constellations One-Day Workshops 

Constellation therapy is a powerful 3D way of exploring clients' issues therapeutically. It uses other participants as 'representatives' to stand in for significant people in the client's life e.g. family members, colleagues, partners etc, or for more abstract concepts such as feelings, places, religions, homes. This process helps obstacles to be removed and healing resolutions to be invited in. Participants usually gain as much from being a witness or representative as from being a client.  

We will use creative methods including movement and meditation to help us process the constellations.

There are up to three issue-holder places and eight representative places per workshop.


Please Contact Sargam to book either place. 

There are currently no 2020 Group Dates planned, yet.